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Citizenship by Investment and Residency Advisory Services.

Long Story Short

The team behind Worldwideresident.com has extensive experience in helping individuals and their families in acquiring residency and citizenship in a country of their desired choice. Out network of professionals and accredited agents have very well established trust, responsibility and integrity among clients.

Every single year that passes by brings new challenges not only to wealthy individuals but also to Head of States/Countries how to collaborate and attract foreign investment. In this sense, we have first-hand knowledge of how important, worrying, and sometimes emotionally taxing a second citizenship or residence decision may be for an individual and his or her family.

Our goal is to make clients feel comfortable and secure when they entrust us and let them be headache-free of all the paperwork and tax planning that will be involved.

We strive to provide tailor made guiding hand to our clients throughout their second citizenship or residence application.

One step closer to acquiring a new citizenship or a residence status

Laws are different in every country, therefore each jurisdiction has its own complex set of rules. Our network of tax advisors and lawyers can help you better structure your query and assist you and your family effectively when choosing the option of either new and/or dual citizenship or simply acquire a residency permit.

We are here to assist and advise you with high quality services that not only benefit you and your family but also help your business grow with a set of beneficial tax advisory services.

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