Malta Individual Investor Programme

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About Malta

The Maltese archipelago is situated in the Mediterranean and consists of three islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino. It has a rich European historical and cultural heritage and is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the capital Valletta.

Malta is an independent republic within the Commonwealth and joined the European Union on 1st May 2004. Malta is also home to over 460,000 people.

Malta has an excellent climate, friendly people, a very low crime rate and is neutral, stable and safe. Holders of Maltese passports are granted full rights as citizens of an EU Member State

Malta Citizenship by Investment

The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme (also known as the Malta Individual Investor Programme, MIIP) is the first EU Approved citizenship programme.

This Citizenship Programme will award the applicant, and their family, Maltese Citizenship for life that can be passed onto future generations.

FActs about Malta

Location: Mediterranean Sea (60 mi south of Italy)
Population: 460,000 (2017)
Capital: Valletta
Currency: Euro (€)
Size: 316 km² (122 sq mi)
Languages: Maltese and English
Life Expectancy: 82 years old
GDP: $12.54 billion (2017)
GDP per capita: $26,945 (2017)
Timezone: GMT +1/+2 (daylight savings time)
Climate: Average yearly temperature 23°C
Sunshine: 300 days per year (3,000 hours per year)
Airport: Malta International Airport (MLA)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 3

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship

  • The Maltese passport is the 7th strongest in the world. It offers visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 182 destinations including Canada, US and the EU.
  • It offers the right to live, work, and study in any of the 28 EU countries and Switzerland.
  • Malta has a stable political, social and economic environment.
  • Malta is located strategically with prime international flight and sea connections.
  • English speaking environment.
  • Malta is home to world-renowned healthcare and educational facilities.
  • Malta’s tax structure is designed to appeal to high net worth individuals their families.
  • Malta has double-taxation agreements with over 70 countries.


Eligibility fOR cITIZENSHIP


  • Be a least 18 years of age;
  • Be covered by a global health insurance policy (minimum cover of €50,000). All persons on the need to be included;
  • Contribute to the National Development and Social Fund (please see below for more information);
  • Provide evidence of title (lease or ownership) to a residential property in Malta (a minimum of €16,000 annual rent or €350,000 purchase value);
  • Have been a legal resident of Malta for 12 months before the issue of the certificate of naturalisation;
  • Invest a minimum of €150,000 in local investments (a list of eligible investments are provided). You must hold these investments for a minimum of 5 years.

What is the Application Process?

Submissions for the MIIP goes through a Maltese Authorised Registered Mandatory. Identity Malta (a government institution) will then process the application and offer citizenship if successful.

Step 1 - Aquire A Property

You must acquire a place in Malta to live in (usually temporary rented accommodation). After receiving an address in Malta, you must file, in person, an application for a residence permit in Malta.

Step 2 - Application

You must now complete and apply for naturalisation as a citizen of Malta in person (accompanied by the applications for any dependents). Identity Malta will perform initial checks and issue an acknowledgement.

Step 3 - Contribution

Identity Malta will process the application(s) and, if accepted, issue a letter of approval in principle together with an invoice for the balance of the contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.

Step 4 - Obligations

Within four months from the date of the letter of approval in principle, you must prove that you have fulfilled your contractual undertakings. These undertakings include the property, local investment and health insurance requirements.

Step 5 - Citizenship

The certificate(s) of naturalisation will, if all relevant requirements have been satisfied, be issued 12 months after the date on the residence permit. Maltese passport(s) can subsequently be issued.

What Are the Fees and Contributions?

When considering the merits of applications for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme, you should be aware of all the relevant application fees.

The following official Malta Citizenship by Investment Fees are payable in respect of each person.

  • Main Applicant – €650,000
  • Spouse – €25,000
  • Children under the age of 18 – €25,000 each
  • Unmarried children aged between 18 and 26 – €50,000 each
  • Dependent parent or grandparent over the age of 55 – €50,000 each
Due Diligence Fees
  • Main Applicant – €7,500
  • Spouse – €5,000
  • Children under the age of 18 – €3,000 each
  • Unmarried children aged between 18 and 26 – €5,000 each
  • Dependent parent over the age of 55 – €5,000 each
Passport and Bank Fees
  • Passport fee: €500 per person
  • Bank charges: €200 per application

A non-refundable €5,000 is payable on applying for a residence permit, and another non-refundable €5,000 is payable on applying for naturalisation as a citizen of Malta. The deposits are offset against the primary applicant’s contribution.

Further information on the Malta Citizenship by Investment Fees are available to view in the Legal Notice 47 of 2014 Cap. 188.